Please note that in making a booking via this website you are accepting our terms and conditions as detailed HERE.


How do I gain access to all the music and classes once I've booked?

Similarly to our live weekenders, you will get special access to the classes after you book, but instead of a wristband you will receive a unique Personal ID code to your booking email address on the morning of Thursday 3rd September. 

NB: Please ensure you double check and input your email address correctly at the booking stage, this ensures that you receive the appropriate instructional email on 3rd September.


Your ID code will look something like this: 12345abc


What happens if I don't receive my Personal ID code?

The codes will be sent out on the morning of Thursday 3rd September. If you have not received the code by midday it's possible it may have gone into your spam/junk folder (so check there first) or it's possible there was an error in your email address. In any event it's easy to resolve and in this situation please contact ​us via our contact page HERE and we will remedy the issue straight away.


How do I download Zoom and how do I change my name to my Personal ID code?

If you are watching on a Smart Phone or Tablet:

  1. Download the Zoom app and "create an account".

  2. Once complete and logged in, tap on the 'Settings' cog in the bottom right of your screen.

  3. Tap your name at the top of the screen and then tap "Display Name"

  4. Change your first name to your Personal ID Code. Leave your surname blank.

  5. Don't forget to save! Your screen name is now ready and you will be admitted to all of the activities across the weekend. 

If you are watching on Laptop/Desktop Computer:

  1. Visit and "create an account."

  2. Once complete and logged in, click on "Profile" at the top of the left menu.

  3. Find your name, and click "Edit" on the right hand side.

  4. Your First Name should be your first name, so people can identify you and say hi! Edit your surname to your Personal Identifier Code detailed below.

  5. Don't forget to save! Your screen name is now ready and you can log in to all of our activities by clicking the link below. 


How do I access the classes and DJ sets?

Along with your unique Personal ID code, you will receive all of the links that you will need to access the dance rooms. Make sure you log in to your Zoom account first and that you have already changed your name to your Personal ID code. It is then as simple as clicking on a link, and the room will automatically open for you. If you wish to change rooms, simply close the video, and click on a different link. Just like a real weekender, you are free to venture in and out of rooms as much as you want. 


What if people who haven't booked and paid try to attend the event?

Every room throughout the weekend will have a group of Administrators who will be constantly checking ID codes and names and verifying them against the database. The unique Personal ID codes are specific to individual bookers so it's easy to spot anyone who shouldn't be there, although this rarely happens. Those who do not display their ID code will be removed from the event. 


Can I share my Personal ID code with other people in my household?

Providing you have bought the appropriate package ​(single/couple or group) ​you can share your personal ID code with as many devices in your household as you wish. 


These devices must be on the same IP address, or to put it simply, all devices must be using the same WiFi network. 


What's the miminum connection speed I need on my internet connection to enjoy the event?

Zoom state that the minimum speed required is usually around 1 - 1.5Mbps, so in other words unless you are in a remote area with poor service it will work easily and effectively for the vast majority of people.

I am nervous about the technology and don't know if it is going to work.

At 8pm on Thursday 3rd September, you will have the opportunity to test Zoom with some of the Lux team, who will be hosting a DJ set and Q&A session. A link will be sent to you on the Thursday morning, and you can simply join, try out the system, iron our any technical issues and fire any questions our way prior to the main event going live on Friday evening.


We recommend that everyone gives this a try, regardless of whether or not they have used Zoom before, plus you get to hear some great music!


I don't want people to see me on my web cam.

No sweat. Zoom has a very simple function to switch off your camera, so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Lux without anybody being able to see or hear you. 

This event has been cancelled, but LUX will return in 2021 on the August Bank Holiday.



This price allows full virtual access for the entire weekend for up to two people.



This price allows full virtual access for the entire weekend for groups of three or more people.

NB: You must follow the government guidelines on current social distancing regulations applicable at the time.

Important note on group bookings:
Given the situation in Aberdeen and certain cities in the North we can of course have no idea how the impact of another resurgence in COVID could impact the current ‘social bubble’ and ‘meeting with another household’ rules. As such if you book a group booking of 3 or more people and then subsequently find that the rules have changed in your city/town/area prior to the event we would be happy to convert your ticket to the solo/couple ticket option and you can use the money already paid towards splitting out your group booking accordingly. Just email or message us and let us know and we’ll go from there.

The full schedule including details of all DJ sets and Workshops can be viewed HERE

Tickets are limited to just 350 places to ensure that all the rooms operate on the Zoom software at the optimum level, so get yours now!



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