Our main aim in creating the LUX and the LUX INFINITY experience is to build confidence in dancing to different genres of music. Consequently the line-up of teachers always reflects the varying styles suited to each dance space - but more importantly our teachers are selected because of their teaching ability, experience and understanding of the lead and follow techniques required to develop their students. Of course approachability and a keen sense of fun are also high up on the list of requirements.

Because of the easing of lockdown rules over recent months we've decided to include more partnered classes than at Ceroc MIST. However, there are still a number of solo classes that you can participate in and if lockdown rules change again prior to the event we will adjust the schedule if required to accommodate this.

The workshops taught at LUX INFINITY include 23 classes (9 of them are solo classes) taught by 12 teachers/teaching couples (listed below in alphabetical order) and will reflect the following styles:


SILC / Utopia Style
Argentine Tango

Solo Dance Classes

All class descriptions and levels are detailed below.


Becki is a well-travelled, hip spinning fire-cracker who has taught, judged and performed internationally. Her extensive repertoire shows her versatility and wow, does this girl know how to stand out from the crowd as you will see when she brings you ‘Salsa Festival’. Becki always brings high energy and joy to her classes as well as much needed colour and dazzle to dance events.


Salsa Festival – Sat, 12pm – 1pm – Juniper – All / Solo
This solo, all guns blazing session will get you into the party spirit. Get those feet moving and those hips rotating whilst learning salsa movement without the lead and follow. Feel free to dress for the occasion. It’s festival time!


Partnering this event are Bill & Becky Cooper franchisees for Ceroc Thames Valley which includes the highly popular Twyford freestyle nights. With more than 20 years teaching experience between them, Bill’s involvement as an Advanced Course Ceroc Teacher Trainer and Becky being one of the Ceroc panel selecting potential teachers shows their considerable experience in the MJ partner dance field and demonstrates their willingness to share their expertise and knowledge. Their classes are always fun filled, informative and challenging and their charisma literally jumps off the stage.


Nightclub 2 Step – Sun, 3pm – 4pm – Juniper – All / Partnered
Bill & Becky will introduce you to the Nightclub 2 Step - a partner dance initially developed in the mid-1960s. The dance is also known as "Two Step" and is a popular form of contemporary social dance in the US, usually danced to slower music.



This charming young couple are dynamic, smooth and a joy to watch. Their synchronicity and style always attracts attention and they have fans nationwide. Currently teaching in the Bristol area after a long time teaching in Sussex and the South Coast, their popular SILC Sundays are a hit with their new audience. You can expect to learn wonderful connection and smooth leading from Caine and pick up on Danni's sass, pzazz and beautiful styling. Caine's not one for the competition limelight, but Danni is a competition veteran and has won just about every UK dancing competition going. Spot their performances on You Tube and you'll see their sleek, seamless style.


Whips Intro – Sat, 4.30pm – 5.30pm – Sequoia - Int
How should a Whip feel? It uses momentum, so that means the leader will create the energy, release it and capture it. If executed well, you should feel exhilaration and control all at the same time and it will look smooth as silk. Caine and Danni will use some basic Whips to demonstrate and teach the technique in this workshop.

Whip it Up – Sun, 3pm – 4pm – Sequoia – Int+
Now that you have the technique put to bed, this workshop introduces a portfolio of Whips to add into your repertoire.


London Based Ceroc Teacher Dale has a passion for different dance styles and his dedication to dance has led him to win 1st place at the Ceroc Championships twice, the Blues Open Championships in 2007 & 2009 and joint 1st place winning spot in the Blues showcase Category in 2010..... And 2017 the Open Winner at the London Ceroc Champs. His background in Line Dance, Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata and WCS influence his style and syncopation, and this makes for classes that are full of pure body and soul. He's also a talented Dj and will be playing in both the Blues Room and Utopia lounge over the weekend.


Nu-Line 1 – Sat, 4.30pm – 5.30pm – Juniper – All / Solo
Join Dale with his usual swagger and style to learn a newly choreographed line dance.

Nu-Line 2 – Sun, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – Juniper – All / Solo
He’s back with another, make sure you have room in your specially adapted dance space / living room!


Former UK Blues Champions, Jive Masters Grand Finalists and partners in the Lux event, David & Val bring a wealth of experience to the teaching team both from competing at the highest level and from over 19 years of teaching from foundation to advanced level MJ, Blues and Utopia style classes. Teachers at Ceroc London's venue at Twickenham and the Ceroc Franshisees and teachers at Newbury & Basingstoke, their style is constantly evolving and along with a commitment to nurturing up and coming dancers to creating some of the most ground-breaking freestyle events around as part of the Utopia development team. Their style is smooth and effortless.


Smooth Links – Sat, 3pm – 4pm – Sequoia - Int
Let’s take some basic moves, adapt and fuse them to take something simple to another level. Gain an advanced look and super, smooth style as you seamlessly glide across the floor.


She's lively, she's funny, she oozes charisma and she knows her stuff! With many different dance disciplines under her belt acquired over the last 16 years of teaching, including Salsa, WCS, Ballroom & Latin, Argentine Tango and of course Ceroc. Debbie makes sure you have fun whilst you learn, and that the all important 'penny' drops!


Jerusalema – Sat , 3pm – 4pm – Juniper – All / Solo
Elegant and sophisticated choreography to this international dance hit. You’ll have great fun, it’ll get you moving and you’re sure to love the tune. The moves and styling will give you some new steps to add into your dance repertoire to bring back to the dance-floor.  

Solo Patterns – Sun, 4.30pm – 5.30pm – Juniper – All / Solo
This workshop focuses on solo WCS timing and patterns. Your feet will learn to play to the layers in the music developing your musicality skills and ‘opportunities’.



Kieran, and Charlie are veterans on the circuit now, viewed as the premier SILC dance couple and regular teachers on all the Ceroc Weekenders. Their popularity continues to soar, their style, moves and routines are  smooth, seamless & effortless. Outside of their obvious Ceroc talent, Kieran & Charlie are accomplished WCS dancers and have been instrumental in the development of the popular SILC syllabus. This combination of talents enables them to create smooth, effortlessly flowing routines that will inspire you to take your dancing to the next level.



SILC part 1 – Sat, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – Juniper - Int
SILC is the smooth, slotted dance that finds its home in the Chill-out & Utopia zone. The techniques taught allows room for interpretation and style that suits some of the more challenging or more lyrical songs. Part one focuses on the crucial slotted connection required.

SILC part 2 – Sun, 12pm – 1pm – Sequoia – Int
Progressing connection and slotting, part two adds the dynamics.


Back by popular demand all the way from the US of A, is the incomparable Lucky Skillen! Through the magic power of his huge smile, he brings dancing joy wherever he goes. Lucky started dancing in 1996 and began teaching in 1998. Since then he has taught and performed many styles of dances in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has also had the privilege of working with such celebrities as Neil Young, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Katie Holmes, and Frankie Manning. He will be teaching a classes over the weekend that will suit the Blues room and the Utopia Room.


Blues Intro – Fri, 7.30pm – 8.30pm – Apres – All / Partnered
Blues is slow, close, subtle and beautiful when the connection and musicality are right. This session is all about close hold connection and musical interpretation.

Blues Developmental – Sat 6pm – 7pm – Sequoia – Progressive Blues
Continuing from the intro this workshop will add some ‘meat to the bones’! Whilst still focusing on connection and musicality, moves will be added that will bring light to the shade.

Solo Blues – Sun, 6pm – 7pm – Sequoia – All / Solo
Develop your Blues confidence as Lucky and Chelsea show you Blues moves that you can do on your own or with a partner. This workshop will help cement how you should / could be moving to interpret the music individually, which will bring added style to your partnered Blues dance.



Slinky, bluesy, elegant dancers Marc & Rachel have been introducing our dancers to Argentine Tango and Pure Blues on many of Ceroc's largest weekend events now for a number of years – not just through classes but with their involvement and introduction of Milonga's at the Escape Weekenders. With a keen interest being shown in this style of dance, Marc and Rachel will be running a number of Argentine Tango classes over the weekend as well as opening the Blues Lounge on Saturday and Sunday.


Solo Tango - Fri, 7.30pm – 8.30pm – Juniper – All / Solo
You will pick up the fundamentals of Argentine Tango through learning a solo line dance routine to the song "Mil Pasos" by Soha. It is the ideal way to sample the delights of Tango and get you in the zone for the weekend ahead.


Partnered Tango One - The Embrace - Sat, 6pm – 7pm – Juniper – All / Partnered
In this class, we are learning to move comfortably with a fluid connection within the embrace while exploring the basics of partnered lead and follow in Argentine Tango.

Partnered Tango Two - Top Five Figures For Social Tango - Sun, 6pm – 7pm – Juniper – Progressive Argentine Tango
Today we explore dancing within a small space, be it in a crowded Milonga or your living room.


Sharon has been dancing for as long as she can remember and has always had a love of funk and soul music. As a long time competition and social dancer she has always made waves on the dance scene and more so in recent years as she's shared her love of Northern Soul music and classic Northern Soul solo dancing. A regular now on the Ceroc weekenders she's also been entertaining and informing people with her excellent series of Northern Soul dance tutorials during lock down. 



Northern Soul – Sun, 12pm – 1pm – Juniper – All / Solo
Shuffle, stomp, kick and glide! Sharon will introduce you to Northern Soul and give you a new way to dance solo! You’ll have ample opportunity to practice your moves during our Soul afternoon on Sunday encompassing Motown and S’Funk, where those rare northern soul grooves have their roots.


Steve is a veteran of nearly 20 years of Ceroc teaching. He’s the main man behind the groundbreaker Ceroc Evolution franchise and the man responsible for bringing Ceroc to The O2. His laidback and humorous approach, coupled with an extraordinary understanding of technique makes even the most complicated things seem easy. You’ll always leave his class with something new in your repertoire and a smile on your face.



Smooth Classics – Sat, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – Sequoia - Int
The ‘Classic Moves’ formulate an intermediate foundation in the Ceroc syllabus and this workshop adds some style along with slight variations. Technique and style will be incorporated to smooth them out so that you feel confident using them in the Utopia zone as well as the Ceroc floor.

Dips & Drops – Sun, 4.30pm – 5.30pm – Sequoia – Int+
Dips and drops never cease to impress! Used safely with good style and technique, if used to punctuate the dance, they are showstoppers. Steve will introduce you to all the right ways to execute dips and drops, whilst focussing on safe technique for both leaders and followers.



Head of Dance for Ceroc, Tim has a wealth of teaching experience. Having studied dance and education all of his life, he knows how to make the challenging seem entirely achievable, and dancers of all abilities leave his lessons with fresh knowledge and new enthusiasm for their passion. You'll love his fun but technique and move packed classes which liven up, inspire and motivate.


Disco Classics - Fri, 7.30pm – 8.30pm – Sequoia – All / Solo
This all-inclusive fun session will take you back in time to the 1970s. Tim will get you well and truly warmed up for the night and the rest of the weekend with ‘The Bus Stop’ and ‘The Hustle’. This could be a perfect excuse to delve into the fancy dress chest….. or your wardrobe for some 70s inspired chic!

Saturday Ice-Breaker – Sat, 12pm – 1pm – Sequoia - Int
Tim’s Intermediate Ice-Breaker classes always kick the weekenders off with enthusiastic vigour from the masses! He always makes sure the material taught ticks all the boxes that incorporate fun, learning, achievability and creativity.

Infinity – Sun, 1.30pm – 2.30pm – Sequoia – Int+
This is super smooth linking! Fusing one move into another, and another, and another with infinite results and scope.