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MUSIC AND DJs - see the full schedule HERE

There will be 3 rooms of music in operation throughout the weekend featuring a host of awesome DJs! This has always been one aspect of LUX that people comment on as the music is what sets it apart from most other weekenders with the sheer quality and breadth of music styles. 
There is over 18 hours of music to enjoy; Sequoia features Ceroc main room mid to uptempo music; Pines features Utopia/Silc music including S'Funk and Motown sets; Juniper features Blues. Our DJs are listed below in alphabetical order.



Bill has been teaching and DJing for more years than anyone cares to remember! As a franchisee at Ceroc Thames Valley and one of the co-founders of LUX he occasionally graces us with his presence on the decks and always brings a smile to your face with some great classic tracks.

Caine 2.jpg



Caine is one of a new breed of young teachers and DJs that have rocked the Ceroc world with their energy and vibrant mix of music. An accomplished teacher and dancer Caine's great love is the SILC genre where he now runs his very successful SILC Sunday classes and Freestyles in Bristol under the Strictly Ceroc banner


Dale has a background in numerous music forms including Zouk, Bachata, WCS, Modern Jive, Salsa and Blues and has been DJing on the London scene as well as on the weekenders for a number of years. As a former Ceroc champ, Blues Champ and former UK Blues Showcase champion he certainly knows what makes a great track to dance to and he will be rocking you in the main room as well as chilling you to your toes in the Utopia Lounge.

Dale dj 1.jpg


David is a partner in LUX and co-franchisee of Ceroc Newbury and is the regular DJ at both Ceroc Newbury and Twickenham. His main room freestyle mix is a seamless blend of the old and new with an emphasis on creating the perfect blend of styles and tempos. A founder (and mildly bearded) member of the Utopia Chill Out lounge he has also co-created and DJs at all the other events in the Utopia portfolio including Colossus, PURE, Twisted, ZEN, Mojo and the S'Funk soul & funk retro evenings.

David DJ.jpg


As a Ceroc franchisee with many dance disciplines, Debbie regularly DJs her regular and freestyle events, from main room freestyles to SILC and WCS freestyles. She loves to dance and knows what music people love to dance to, so she'll be keeping an eye on the dance-floor to keep it full when she's behind the decks!



Franchisee for Ceroc Gloucestershire and partner on the Ceroc Breeze events, John is a truly inspirational DJ. Highly regarded on the Blues and WCS circuit, John is just as comfortable and impressive in the Main Room and his love of dancing shows through in his music. Easily recognizable, he stands as a smooth domed colossus amongst the DJ elite.

JB DJ.jpg


Starting as a teacher and DJ for Ceroc Groove in the West Midlands almost before he was out of nappies, Kieran was the DJ at the popular XChange freestyles showcasing his love of soulful and funky music synonymous with Chill Out Zones. He can also be heard DJing on the Ceroc Medfest and Escape Weekenders and his background in Ceroc and WCS dance means that he has a great ear for music of all styles and genres.

Kieran DJ.jpg



Marc is one of the most accomplished and respected DJs on the dance scene. A former club DJ Marc really found his feet when he entered the Ceroc world and quickly gained a reputation as one of the foremost Chill Out DJs around. His love of high energy main room music combines with his love of Tango, Chiil Out & Smooth Latin music too. He and Rachel also excel and Pure Blues and have gained a huge following at their Blues freestyles at the Ceroc weekenders, along with their well attended freestyles.

Marc DJ.jpg


The other half of SO Ceroc, Miranda has been DJing for 15 years and is most often found in the SILC Room and Blues lounges. Miranda is resident DJ of the Not SO Late Lounge, The Blue Lounge, The Meltdown and Ambience as well as a regular on the weekender circuit. Miranda is known for her love of bringing new tracks to the scene, and for getting everyone’s creative dance-juices flowing! 

Lux-Miranda DJ.jpg


The other (better looking) half of Marc & Rachel, who often fights him for the decks and does a great job! Her love is for the eclectic sounds of the Chill Out Zone and Pure Blues and I’m sure Marc will be checking out her sets this weekend. A regular now at the Ceroc weekenders, a bit of healthy competition between loved ones adds to the fun and it’s great to see their chemistry on the dance floor transferring to the DJ decks.

Rachel DJ.jpg


Steve is the main man behind the groundbreaking Ceroc Evolution franchise and the man responsible for bringing Ceroc to The O2, as well as oustanding venues such as the Cutty Sark amongst others. He's also one of the longest serving Ceroc teachers of all time, literally man and boy! Steve gets about a bit teaching and Dj'ing in London, Sussex, Kent, most of the Ceroc weekenders and pretty much anywhere he gets invited to go. Keeps him busy!