Our main aim in creating the LUX experience is to build confidence in dancing to different genres of music. Consequently the line-up of teachers always reflects the varying styles suited to each dance space - but more importantly our teachers are selected because of their teaching ability, experience and understanding of the lead and follow techniques required to develop their students. Of course approachability and a keen sense of fun are also high up on the list of requirements.

The workshops taught at LUX will reflect the following styles:



SILC / Utopia Style


This charming young couple are dynamic, smooth and a joy to watch. Their synchronicity and style always attracts attention and they have fans nationwide. Currently teaching in the Bristol area after a long time teaching in Sussex and the South Coast, their popular SILC Sundays are a hit with their new audience. You can expect to learn wonderful connection and smooth leading from Caine and pick up on Danni's sass, pzazz and beautiful styling. Caine's not one for the competition limelight, but Danni is a competition veteran and has won just about every UK dancing competition going. Spot their performances on You Tube and you'll see their sleek, seamless style.


Body Leads - Sun, 2.30pm - 3.30pm - Sequoia - Int
A Routine based on leading the lady by the body rather than the hands throughout.  Expect to learn moves led by the shoulder, elbow, hips and back.

Whip & Scroll - Sun, 5pm - 6pm - Juniper - Adv
This dynamic class will teach a range of whips and incorporate using travelling, impressive scrolls to hone this advanced technique in lead and follow.


London Based Ceroc Teacher Dale has a passion for different dance styles and his dedication to dance has led him to win 1st place at the Ceroc Championships twice, the Blues Open Championships in 2007 & 2009 and joint 1st place winning spot in the Blues showcase Category in 2010..... And 2017 the Open Winner at the London Ceroc Champs. His background in Line Dance, Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata and WCS influence his style and syncopation, and this makes for classes that are full of pure body and soul. He's also a talented Dj and will be playing in both the Main Room and Utopia lounge over the weekend.


Bachata - Sun, 3.45pm - 4.45pm - Juniper - All
This dance from the Dominican Republic incorporates a 3 step with Cuban Hip motion and 'tap' with hip sway on 4th beat. Dale incorporates a range of moves to help you find the rhythm and give you an extra little something to take onto the dance-floor!

Hot New Moves - Sun, 12pm - 1pm - Juniper - Int
Benefit from Dale's creative juices as he shares some of his new moves to boost and renew your repertoire.


She's lively, she's funny, she oozes charisma and she knows her stuff! With many different dance disciplines under her belt acquired over the last 16 years of teaching, including Salsa, WCS, Ballroom & Latin, Argentine Tango and of course Ceroc. Debbie makes sure you have fun whilst you learn, and that the all important 'penny' drops! The penny that she's dropping this weekend is Musicality, so join her in this 2 hour workshop.


Musicality 2 hour Workshop - Sun, 1pm - 3pm - Pines - All
This musicality workshop combines theory and practical. It less about partnered choreography and all about musical structure for hitting stops, pauses and changes in musical dynamics to enhance interpretation and light and shade. You will leave this workshop enlightened and inspired.



Kieran, and Charlie are veterans on the circuit now, viewed as the premier SILC dance couple and regular teachers on all the Ceroc Weekenders. Their popularity continues to soar, their style, moves and routines are  smooth, seamless & effortless. Outside of their obvious Ceroc talent, Kieran & Charlie are accomplished WCS dancers and have been instrumental in the development of the popular SILC syllabus. This combination of talents enables them to create smooth, effortlessly flowing routines that will inspire you to take your dancing to the next level.



SILC part one - Sun, 1.15pm - 2.15pm - Sequoia - Int
SILC is the smooth, slotted dance that finds its home in the Chill-out & Utopia zone. The tchniques taught allows room for interpretation and style that suits some of the more challenging or more lyrical songs. Part One focuses on the crucial slotted connection required.

SILC part two- Sun, 5pm - 6pm - Sequoia - Int
Progressing  connection and slotting, part two adds the dynamics.


Back by popular demand all the way from the US of A, is the incomparable Lucky Skillen! Through the magic power of his huge smile, he brings dancing joy wherever he goes. Lucky started dancing in 1996 and began teaching in 1998. Since then he has taught and performed many styles of dances in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has also had the privilege of working with such celebrities as Neil Young, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Katie Holmes, and Frankie Manning. He will be teaching a classes over the weekend that will suit the Blues room and the Utopia Room.



Blues Connection 2 hour Workshop Practica - Sun, 4pm - 6pm - Apres - All
Blues is slow, close, subtle and beautiful when the connection and musicality are right. This session is for fixed couples and is all about close hold connection and musical interpretation. Lucky will be giving tips and give personal attention to evreyone to give individual help and advice to improve technique.



Slinky, bluesy, elegant dancers Marc & Rachel have been introducing our dancers to Argentine Tango and Pure Blues on many of Ceroc's largest weekend events now for a number of years – not just through classes but with their involvement and introduction of Milonga's at the Escape Weekenders. With a keen interest being shown in this style of dance, Marc and Rachel will be running a number of Argentine Tango classes over the weekend as well as Neo-Blues.



Neo-Blues - Sun, 2.30pm - 3.30pm - Juniper - Int+
This class teaches a modern, fusion blues routine to prepare you for the 7.5 hour Blues Freestyle later in the evening.

Blango - Sun, 6.15pm - 7.15pm - Juniper - Int+
Take Blues and Argentine Tango, fuse them together and you have Blango! Using Blues connection and hold, Tango patterns and you have beautiful latin inspired blues.


Steve is a veteran of nearly 20 years of Ceroc teaching. He’s the main man behind the groundbreaker Ceroc Evolution franchise and the man responsible for bringing Ceroc to The O2. His laidback and humorous approach, coupled with an extraordinary understanding of technique makes even the most complicated things seem easy. You’ll always leave his class with something new in your repertoire and a smile on your face.



Move Marathon - Sun, 1.15pm - 2.15pm - Juniper - Int
Who knows how many moves will be aded to your repertoire in this class. Steve will keep going until the hour's up. It'll all depend on how quickly you learn each one before he moves on and ad-libs.

Showstoppers - Sun, 6.15pm - 7.15pm - Sequoia - Adv
Moves that stand out on the dance-floor, including drops. Please note; ADVANCED level.


Tim couldn't make it last year and didn't we know about it! Feedback said "Bring back Tim!". He is thankfully, honouring us with his amazing teaching talents and awesomeness on the dance-floor this year and once again brings impeccably creative dance partner Tas along too. You'll love his fun but technique and move packed classes which liven up, inspire and motivate.


Dance Demystified - Sun, 12pm - 1pm - Sequoia - Int
Let Tim translate the language of dance and help you decipher moves that previously may have baffled you, but now will make absolute sense.

Infinity & Beyond - Sun, 3.45pm - 4.45pm - Sequoia - Adv
This is super smooth linking! Fusing one move into another, and another, and another with infinite results and scope.